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The Empire Builders


our goal is to help you start investing in apartments now!

Investing in real estate is a great way to build wealth, but it can be hard to know where to start. How do you find a good property, close on it, and manage it from day to day? How do you find the time in your already busy life?

We’ve created a proven system where we do all the work, so you can make money from your investment without having to worry about the day-to-day management of these assets. We are experts at what we do. You don’t need to be an expert yourself!

Multifamily Empire specializes in helping investors build long-term wealth by investing in multifamily rental properties across the country. Our team handles everything – from finding properties that fit your investment criteria to closing and property management after purchase. With Multifamily Empire by your side, you don’t have to worry about anything besides enjoying your new passive income stream!

we are

Neander lima

CEO and Co-founder
Neander has been a local in Dallas/Fort Worth for over 20 years, making him a veteran in the DFW market. With a background in music, a BA in Communication & Marketing and past experience as the Marketing Director, Neander's multifaceted skill set significantly contributes to the Empire group, where he consistently pioneers innovative strategies and drives projects across every arm of the Empire group.

As the co-founder of Multifamily Empire, he's also the innovative mind behind Empire Construction, Green Empire Landscaping, Tower Multifamily, and Empire Living Solutions, creating and leading vertically integrated acquisitions and operations.

Neander firmly believes that by being “hands-on” at the properties, we create a higher quality product and a better experience for our residents. That translates into an overall higher property performance, which in turn generates a higher return for our investors. A win-win situation.

delia kong lima

COO and Co-founder
Harvard-educated and former Fortune 200 Infrastructure Program/Project Manager, Delia knows how to handle complex projects. With a track record of managing $80M+ conversions for a billion-dollar hospital corporation across 29 states, she leverages her experience in complex enterprise-level implementations to strategically navigate the moving pieces of multifamily real estate transactions.

As the Chief Operating Officer, Delia oversees all operations, from underwriting to finances. With ownership of 2000+ multifamily units, she's the driving force behind Empire's success. Delia ensures that our properties run smoothly and meet projected returns by being hands-on in asset management. Her commitment to delivering results and exceeding expectations is everywhere in her outstanding achievements.


Senior asset manager
  • Maria is known for her hands-on approach to asset management. As a former rockstar property manager, she intimately understands the inner workings of smooth property operations and resident satisfaction. She's not afraid to roll up her sleeves and get dirty when it comes to ensuring that her properties are running like well-oiled machines! Her passion for real estate and dedication to tenant happiness is evident in everything she does.

Italo Martins

Investor Relations Director
  • Italo is our social butterfly. You will always see him talking to our investors and guests and making sure that he shakes everyone’s hand - always with a big smile! As the head of our Investor Relations team, Italo is in charge of managing our relationships with everyone that is in contact with Multifamily Empire. But he doesn’t stop there! At Multifamily Empire, Italo wears many hats. He is always fully available to lend a helping hand for anything that needs to get done. Plus, he always cheers on his teammates and supports us in any way possible. 

    Italo comes from a diverse background in IT Engineering and Medical Recruiting. He uses all the knowledge gathered from his previous work experience to better our communication and always strives to provide top-notch customer service to our clients. And remember, if you need help or assistance with anything at Multifamily Empire, don’t hesitate to contact Italo! He is always looking forward to chatting with you and assisting you in any way!

Billy Kirk

Director of Operations
Tower Multifamily
  • Billy is a seasoned professional with 13 years of successful property management experience across various asset classes and markets. They have a strong grasp of market trends and a proven track record of delivering exceptional results.

    Billy's expertise spans mid-rise, high-rise, lease-up, and value-add properties, showcasing their adaptability and versatility in managing properties of different sizes and complexities.

    As a Director of Operations, Billy is renowned for their strategic vision, leadership, and ability to optimize property performance. They excel in market research, identifying opportunities, and implementing innovative solutions to maximize revenue and minimize costs.

Frances Meija

Financial Controller
  • Meet Frances Mejía, our dedicated and experienced Financial Controller. Armed with a strong background in business and finance - inducing a master's degree in Digital Marketing and an MBA - Frances is more than well-equipped to oversee the financial operations of our company.

    With her exceptional analytical skills and communication prowess, Frances is a force to be reckoned with. She's always ready to take on challenges with her resilient and persistent nature. Her positive attitude and belief in the untapped potential of individuals are just a few of the characteristics that make her an invaluable member of our team.

Fernando Gasque

Diector of operations
Green empire
  • We are pleased to introduce Fernando Gasque, who joins us full of energy and ready to hit the ground running. He brings to the company knowledge and expertise that will help Green Empire run even more efficiently, offering better results for our investors and clients. 

    Fernando has eleven years of experience in landscape maintenance. He worked his way up through the ranks, starting as a laborer and eventually earning a spot in management. His previous experience ranges from small gas stations to exclusive neighborhoods in Windermere, Florida.

Leandro costa

Marketing Director
  • Since his BA in Advertising and Publicity in 2008, Leandro Costa's journey has taken him across Brazil, collaborating with renowned production companies and serving major national and international brands. Over the course of nearly two decades, Leandro has honed his skills in leading and developing teams for events, educational products, and technology ventures. With a keen eye for storytelling and expertise in editing and post-production, he has successfully expanded brand presence, captivated audiences, and added significant value to projects.

    Today, as the Marketing Director at Multifamily Empire, Leandro embodies values of proactiveness, kindness, and independence. He leads his marketing team with enthusiasm and is always willing to lend a helping hand wherever needed. Juggling multiple companies within the Empire group and working closely with other leaders, Leandro is dedicated to creating content that forges meaningful connections between investors and properties.

Emma Halverson

Executive Assistant
  • Emma Halverson is our extraordinary Executive Assistant at Empire. With a knack for organization and a positive demeanor, Emma is the backbone of our administrative operations. From scheduling and appointment setting to onboarding and coordinating office supplies, she's the go-to person for all things administrative.

    Emma's role extends beyond just administrative tasks; she's also a valuable support to Neander, our co-founder and CEO, providing assistance wherever needed. Her friendly and helpful nature makes her a vital asset to the Empire team. As an integrator for our various companies, including Multifamily Empire, Green Empire, Construction, Marketing, and Tower Multifamily, Emma ensures seamless communication and efficient operations across the board.

Mariana Mencarini

Social Media and Content Manager and Copywriter
  • Mariana is an exceptional talent who, from a young age, has continuously excelled in her studies and professional endeavors. As the Social Media Manager, Content Creator and Copywriter for Multifamily Empire, she passionately generates impactful content that inspires personal and professional growth, resonating with our audience and igniting positive change and development within the multifamily investors' community. 

    With a BA in Languages, Mariana expertly crafts engaging posts, capturing the very essence of Multifamily Empire's mission and showcasing the profound impact we make in uplifting communities through real estate investment. With a fervent love for languages and travel, she brings a unique perspective to her work, enabling her to connect with diverse audiences on a global scale.

Michel Kriger

Video Editor
  • With a background in journalism, a knack for storytelling, and a passion for video editing, Michel Kriger brings a wealth of expertise to his role. He stays updated on contemporary trends while also drawing inspiration from the classics, allowing him to create compelling content and narratives.

    Michel believes in the power of cinema, social media, and journalism working hand in hand, using his experience to craft a unique language that effectively communicates the desires and messages of the group. He strives to foster direct communication among professionals to produce impactful videos and relevant content.

Matheus Palhares

Junior Designer
  • As our junior graphic designer, Matheus is always eager to learn and explore new aspects of design. On a constant quest to find innovative ways to showcase Multifamily Empire's message in an attractive and practical manner, he values collaboration and is open to ideas from his colleagues, believing that teamwork leads to the best outcomes.

    He draws inspiration from various sources, always on the lookout for fresh ideas to incorporate into his designs. With his enthusiasm and dedication, Matheus strives to create designs that not only catch the eye but also effectively communicate our brand's identity to our audience.

Rodrigo Caceres

Finance Administrative
  • Meet Rodrigo Caceres, our Financial Administrator. He's the go-to guy for all things finance-related, handling invoices, bills, expenses, and accounts receivable for Green Empire, Multifamily Empire Construction, Tower Multifamily, and the Equity team. Rodrigo also lends a hand with administrative tasks for other teams. 

    In his role, Rodrigo masterfully keeps our budget on track, ensuring meticulous management of all incomes and expenses. He brings dedication and integrity to his work every day, embodying the virtues he holds dear: honesty, responsibility, hard-work and team-work

Maria Fernanda Pino

Finance Associate
  • Fernanda, one of our dedicated Finance Associates here at Empire, brings a lot of energy and commitment to our finance team. With her innate enthusiasm and willingness to lend a hand, Fernanda is always ready to assist her colleagues and contribute to the smooth organization of our financial operations.

    With a strong background in business administration and finance, Fernanda is well-prepared to handle the challenges of her role. Her proactive approach and positive attitude ensure that our financial processes run smoothly. Maria's friendly demeanor and willingness to help organize and streamline our operations are qualities that truly set her apart.

Cindy Lopez

Finance Associate
  • As one of our Finance Associates, Cindy Lopez supports our finance team's daily operations. With a Bachelor's degree in Finance and currently pursuing a Master's in International Business Management, she combines academic knowledge with three years of practical experience in consulting and finance.  

    Her proactive nature, attention to detail and problem-solving skills ensure accuracy in financial records, driving exceptional results. Cindy's effective communication skills enable her to build positive relationships with colleagues, clients, and vendors, contributing to our organizational growth and success.

Hannah Hackley

Administrative Assistant
  • Hannah Hackley is an indispensable asset to The Empire Group, primarily supporting the Tower Multifamily Operations Director. With a keen eye for detail and exceptional organizational skills, Hannah ensures that the properties run smoothly and efficiently. Her ability to keep tasks organized and her flexibility in the face of change or unexpected obstacles make her a standout team member.

    Hannah's dedication to maintaining seamless operations and her professional demeanor reflect the core values of The Empire Group. Her versatile skill set and proactive approach enable her to handle a variety of responsibilities with ease, ensuring that we continue to deliver high-quality experiences for our residents and outstanding returns for our investors

Tomas de Mello

VP of Import & Procurement
  • With an impressive 36 years of international market experience, including extensive involvement in import and export operations across 28 diverse countries, Tomas De Mello brings invaluable expertise to The Empire Group as ELS's Vice-President. Having resided in Shenzhen, China, for 15 years, he possesses a deep understanding of global trade dynamics.

    In his role, Tomas spearheads all import and procurement activities for ELS brand items. He consistently enhances our product portfolio with offerings characterized by quality, reliability, and competitive pricing. Tomas's dedication to sourcing premium products underscores our commitment to delivering the best products to our customers.

Eduardo Barbosa

Warehouse Manager
  • Eduardo oversees ELS' warehouse, managing organization and order processing. He operates ELS innovative fabric and laser printers, mastering new equipment and ensuring efficient operations.

    In his role, Eduardo thrives in the dynamic warehouse environment, refining his organizational skills and deepening his understanding of logistical operations. His dedication to integrity and continuous improvement ensures a safe and productive warehouse environment, delivering impactful results for The Empire Group and Empire Living Solutions.

Jose Villa

account manager
  • José Villa serves as the Account Manager for Green Empire, our landscaping company, overseeing customer service and client inquiries. José ensures that our clients receive exceptional care and attention at every stage of their journey with us.

    With over a decade of experience, José is skilled in communication and problem-solving, ensuring clients' needs are met efficiently. He guides clients, addresses inquiries, and fosters effective communication within the team, reflecting our dedication to client satisfaction at The Empire Group.