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You may be wondering, "what do coffee and real estate investing have to do with each other?" Well, other than being some of our founders’ biggest passions, real estate and coffee both have a lot of layers to them. There is much more than meets the eye. The more you start to dive deep into each one, the more you understand the nuances and learn how to master them.Plus, while coffee is one of the world's most consumed beverages, some un-bean-lievably bad cups of java are being served out there. Similarly, real estate is one of the most common types of investments. But not all real estate investments are created equal.The Real Grind will be a place where we can espresso our feelings! It’ll be the perfect blend of discussing valuable real estate insights and trying different types of coffee in each episode. We’ll be bringing on guests from various real estate backgrounds to share tips and tricks, ranging from making wise investment decisions to crafting the perfect mocha latte.

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Episode - 35 Psyched for Syndication | Rebecca Moore

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Episode 34 - Destiny from the Dust | Brandon Wong

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Episode 33 - Engineering Your Way to Real Estate Success | Adam Roberts and Emily Cortright

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