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Jazz N’ Apartments

At Jazz N' Apartments, we've cultivated an enduring tradition that fuses our founders' greatest passions - jazz music and the multifamily sector. Since 2022, we've consistently hosted unforgettable Jazz N' Apartments events every few months.
These gatherings feature an open and engaging space where industry professionals come together to discuss multifamily topics and network.These intimate discussions provide a unique opportunity for participants to freely exchange ideas, ask questions, and explore diverse aspects of the multifamily industry.
Following these enlightening sessions, we get into some live jazz performances, often performed by Neander himself. It's the perfect ambiance to relax, enjoy beverages, and connect with fellow industry peers. Jazz N' Apartments stands out from other networking events because of our unique jazzy twist, making it a favorite among our network.

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Market Pulse Masterclass

Presented by Multifamily Empire

Join us once every two months for our insightful and engaging Market Pulse Masterclass. This remarkable event, hosted in person at the Empire's Headquarters and live in our exclusive Zoom Room, aims to educate, inspire, and connect real estate investors from around the globe. During each session, we bring together a panel of expert industry professionals to share their wealth of knowledge, experiences, and advice. The Market Pulse Masterclass offers a unique opportunity to gain a deep understanding of real estate investing, learn actionable strategies, and network with an exclusive group of like-minded investors.

What can you expect from each Market Pulse Masterclass?

- A varied line-up: Every edition features a different panel of real estate industry professionals and speakers – handpicked by Multifamily Empire just for you.
- Relevant and timely topics: We focus on staying current and addressing topics that matter to real estate investors in today's ever-changing market.
- Networking opportunities: Make valuable connections before, during, and after the masterclass to help grow your investor network.
- Interactive Q&A sessions: The Market Pulse Masterclass encourages attendees to actively participate and ask questions, ensuring you get the most out of your learning experience.

Ready to join the next Market Pulse Masterclass?

Don't miss out on this exceptional real estate event. Register for our email list today to receive an invitation to our next edition. Be a part of the Multifamily Empire community and grow your real estate investment knowledge with every Market Pulse Masterclass! If you're looking to get involved as a vendor, sponsor, or speaker, please contact us at

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Empire Nation

Our newest branch is Empire Nation, Multifamily Empire's Solidarity Fund, introduced at the end of 2022. Since our company was first founded, taking care of the communities that we invest in has been a priority of ours. And thus, Empire Nation was born! 

The goal of Empire Nation is to engage in charity projects that will help the people in our communities. We are excited to get this project off the ground and have exciting things coming up in 2023!

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