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We've been shouting this from the rooftops for a while now, but we're not the only ones sharing the secrets. Last month, Forbes ran an article highlighting the many attractive benefits of investing in multifamily properties rather than single-family homes.

Those who have been with us for a while will recognize the pros of multifamily. The article touches briefly on the following benefits:

  • Economies of scale: With multiple units, you'll see lower costs of maintaining and managing them when compared to single-family homes. In addition, if you have a vacant unit, rent from others will offset the costs.
  • Steady income stream: On top of a monthly cash stream from rents, properties will appreciate over time. Multifamily investments often do well even when the economy is not.
  • Diversification: Owning multifamily properties allow you to diversify your investment portfolio across multiple units and even geographical areas.
  • Strong demand: Population growth sees higher demand for rentals.

Of course, as with anything, there are risks involved as well. From maintenance costs to market fluctuations and everything in between, some uncertainty is involved. These risks are augmented for new investors, so working with a reputable company like Multifamily Empire can help inexperienced people get their foot in the door of these profitable investments. Catch the full article at Forbes.



Wow, March was an exciting and busy month here at Multifamily Empire! On March 15th, the team hosted the 2023 Apartment Investing Market Pulse event. The evening consisted of a round table of professionals that included a CPA, a broker, an experienced apartment syndicator, and the owner of a realty capital group. This diverse collection of experts gave us a deep insight into all the different aspects of the multifamily industry.

At the event, we officially launched our Apartment Investor Insider Crash Course! This simple course contains 51 short, easy-to-understand lessons that dive into our investment process. The aim is to teach newer and potential investors exactly what goes into the process as we find, acquire, and manage new multifamily properties.

Stay tuned for more helpful content and events to help you along your journey in multifamily investing!


We often get asked why we didn't get started with multifamily investing earlier. The simple answer is that we didn't have the knowledge or information that we needed to get started! Looking back at when we started, this frustration is one of the biggest driving forces for why we are so determined to create tools to help people educate themselves in multifamily. With easy access to helpful information, we help to prevent others from experiencing the same struggles that we went through. Our journey to multifamily investing wasn't so straightforward. We first started as single-family investors as well as in equities and funds. It wasn't until a friend introduced us to multifamily that we recognized the value of being passive investors. From there, we invested more and more until we decided to become syndicators and create Multifamily Empire. Because of our backstory, we understand that the best way to help develop new investors is by providing educational materials that answer the "why" and "how" of becoming a passive multifamily investor. With that in mind, we created "INSIDER," an easy-to-digest course with enlightening content to help new investors get started. We hope that you don't have to go through the same frustration and slow start that we experienced and can get started as soon as possible. - Neander and Delia Lima


Working with Multifamily Empire as a LP Investor has been great! Neander, Delia and their team are very knowledgeable, dedicated, and responsive with any questions we have. We love all the programs that they put together to help us and anyone who's investing or thinking about invest in multifamily. We always learn something new and meet some great people with the same goals, build an "Empire". 😊
Aline Sobral & Luciano Barroso,Passive Investors



Consider a 1031 Exchange

This IRS code gives investors the opportunity to defer capital gains tax by investing in a like-kind property of equal or greater value. Understanding the nuances of this tool is essential to using it correctly.


Find Yourself a Mentor

Working with someone who has been in the industry is the ultimate multifamily investing cheat code. They can help you increase your confidence, knowledge, and growth.


Keep Educating Yourself

The only way to become an expert is to keep learning and studying. There are tons of educational materials out there to help, including those that Multifamily Empire offers.

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