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Over the past year, Fort Worth has led the United States in raw population growth, adding an average of 53 new residents daily. According to a recent United States Census Bureau report, this surge has pushed the city's total population to 956,709, signaling a significant boom. In fact, Texas itself is riding a wave of impressive population growth, boasting six cities among the top 15 in the nation for population increase.

Future projections add further optimism to this scenario, suggesting Fort Worth's population will eclipse a million by 2030 and potentially overtake Dallas by 2045. This growth trajectory could catapult the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area into the ranks of the third-largest in the U.S. by the 2030s.

Fort Worth and Dallas together create a substantial market for multifamily real estate. These cities are not just growing fast, but they're also seeing many new jobs and low unemployment rates. This increases housing demand and helps lower vacancy rates. It all adds up to an excellent situation for investing in multifamily properties in the area. Catch the full article on The Texan.


This month, we highlighted our commitment to transparency and education by launching our inaugural Multifamily Empire Investor Bus Tour! We believe in showing, not just telling, which is why we wanted to offer our investors a first-hand look at how we utilize their funds to transform properties.

We visited Ariva and Luna Vista, two of our properties that have undergone impressive transformations. Our guests were able to witness the progression from acquisition to transformation, appreciating the strategic efforts involved in every step. It was an enlightening experience that brought everyone up close and personal with their investments.

This event not only deepened our investors' understanding of our operations but also strengthened our relationship with them. It was an excellent opportunity for us all to connect, learn, and appreciate the final results of our efforts. We look forward to organizing more events like this one in the future!


We understand that you have many options when it comes to deciding where to invest your hard-earned money. So as you navigate the dynamic world of real estate, it's crucial to understand what sets us apart. Here are four key reasons why investing with us just makes sense: Value Creation: We consistently increase property values, demonstrated by our Enclave on Pioneer property. Originally purchased for $15 million, we effectively increased the value to $19 million. Reliable Projections: Our conservative underwriting approach means we regularly meet, and often exceed, our financial targets, adding stability to our investments. Community Improvement: We're dedicated to improving the quality of life in the communities we serve. Our value-add approach not only boosts property value but significantly improves the lives of our residents. Transparency and Education: Our dedication to transparency and investor education shines through in the numerous events and resources we put together, fostering a well-informed network. Investing with Multifamily Empire means becoming part of a team that values sustainable growth, reliability, and community. As we continue to build our empire together, one property at a time, we are eager to have you join us on this exciting journey! - Neander and Delia Lima


This month, we have decided to use the "Partner Voice" segment to express our heartfelt appreciation to all our dedicated partners who consistently contribute to this section of our newsletter, showcasing their unwavering support for our work.

The testimonials shared by our esteemed partners, highlighting their satisfaction with MFE, serve as a testament to the effectiveness of our strategies and the outstanding results we achieve. This collective endorsement is of paramount importance as it not only validates our approach but also empowers you, our valued partner, to extend the benefits of our investment opportunities to others in your network.

While many companies allocate their resources solely to acquiring new clients, at Multifamily, we firmly believe that the invaluable experiences shared by our existing business partners hold immense value.



Analyze The Market

Understanding a market's demographic and economic trends is crucial before investing. Analyze your target market to spot opportunities, like the potential for multifamily investment in booming cities.


Stay In The Know

Even as a passive investor, it's beneficial to monitor your investments. While someone else may handle the heavy lifting, keeping informed about your investment's progress helps ensure your peace of mind, knowing your funds are being well-managed.


Support The Community

As Multifamily Empire shows through our value-add approach, investing isn't just about financial returns. It's also about how your investments can improve residents' lives and support the broader community, creating a win-win scenario.

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